Our Mission


Where G.E.R.M Gets Its Passion From…

Too many times we, individually and collectively, have witnessed a number of our youth that have missed out on an opportunity at secondary education because of lack of resources. These resources have come in the form of inadequate knowledge on scholarships and also limited capital to help pay for further education. We noticed this obstacle and in February 2019 a dream was put into action as a means to get past this dilemma. Our name, Giving Essential Resources to Minorities, was manifested from the passion in our hearts to help the underprivileged underdogs that we know have the capabilities to succeed with a helping hand.


Our vision is to ensure that deserving students from single parent homes in underprivileged neighborhoods are equipped with the resources they need to successfully start their secondary education.


Our mission is to empower deserving scholars with the tools they need to further their education goals and to prepare them to be upstanding members of society. Through collaborative fundraising efforts, community involvement, and professional development workshops G.E.R.M will cultivate young men and women by providing them with the necessary resources needed to begin their journey beyond high school. We will ensure that deserving scholars in the Tampa Bay communities will not be deprived of higher education due to a shortage of assets. 


G.E.R.M Help Us Make Giving Contagious!