About Us

Brian Gordon
President & Founder

Brian Gordon is a Florida native and a United States Marine Corp Veteran. Brian grew up in Rubonia, a small community in Manatee County.  Using skills he learned in the military and through life, Brian has mentored at-risk youth helping them build life skills and provided guidance for their successful transition into adulthood.

One year after the untimely passing of his brother Vernon Gordon, Brian created Giving Essential Resources to Minorities (G.E.R.M.). He is passionate about creating opportunities in the community in order to honor Vernon and his memory. One of Brian’s goals is to help our youth become positive and productive members of our society and steer them away from a life of crime.

My purpose and vision for G.E.R.M (Giving Essential Resources to Minorities) was born from both pain and necessity.  My brother Vernon Gordon was murdered on 4/27/2019 and the last words that I spoke to him were that “I love you bro and I’ll talk to you later!”  Unfortunately, later never came.  The following morning, I received a frantic call from my mother informing me that my brother had been murdered, and to this day I still can hear my mother’s cry.  My brother was not perfect by any means and sometimes made decisions that were not always the best.  However, he was well known for his acts of kindness for people in need and undevoted loyalty to his friends and family.  I created G.E.R.M in his honor so that his memory will live on forever and his acts of kindness will continue through my actions and efforts. 

I truly believe the difference between being average and great is one mindful decision.  I also see the need for positive role models and leaders within the minority community. Waiting until later is no longer an option for any of us personally or professionally to make lasting change that uplifts our community.  Why not me?  Why not you?  Tomorrow isn’t promised to you.  Tomorrow is not promised to me.  I thank GOD for revealing my purpose which is to help our youth have a fighting chance by giving them an opportunity to attend college, trade school, and entrepreneurship.  I believe that with a proper education, our youth are provided with unlimited career choices, opportunities, and a fair shot for success. Too often, without the right guidance and education assistance, our youth are adversely limited to poor decisions and a life of crime which sadly often results in incarceration and death.  That must change.  The time is now!   Please “Help Us Make Giving Contagious” and be the change that this world desperately needs. 



Tiffany Sweeney
Vice President

Tiffany Sweeney is Vice President of G.E.R.M, and has an unbridled passion for sharing the importance of higher education and helping those to achieve it. Tiffany is originally from Simpsonville, SC, and is a 1999 graduate of Clemson University where she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

Tiffany has a strong love and dedication to serving in the community, especially when it comes to mentoring and working with families and youth in need. She has been an active mentor for the Take Stock in Children organization since 2006. Tiffany also serves as a shift volunteer every other week at the Ronald McDonald House in Tampa, FL where she handles various duties like coordinating family check ins/outs and giving tours, all while giving the families and house visitors a smile and encouragement.
Along with volunteering her time for the Tampa Bay community, Tiffany also actively supports her alma mater and the Tampa technology industry.  Tiffany has served as President of both the Tampa Bay Clemson Club and the WellCare Toastmasters club and is a member of the Tampa Bay IIBA chapter.
Tiffany is a Lead Data Analyst at Centene (formerly WellCare) for an agile IT project team that is responsible for developing various regulatory financial reporting needs for newly integrated markets.




Christine Godbee
Assistant Vice President

Christine Godbee was born and raised in Wiesbaden, Germany. Where she grew up as the youngest of 3, to a single mother. The support from her local community service center and some charity organizations, not just provided basic necessities to her family, but also allowed her to partake in life-changing experiences she would have otherwise not been exposed to as child in her social class. Such as traveling, cultural experiences, tutoring and a mentorship program. The community service volunteers left an everlasting impact, making her appreciate and value the importance of community work and giving back. This appreciation and her passion for helping others have translated into a strong desire to positively impact and improve her community. 

 As a young and single mother of 3, she prioritized providing and caring for her children, which delayed receiving her higher education until later in life. Christine earned her degree in Business (Office Communications) in 2000, while supporting her family, with 2 or more jobs. This is one of the reasons, she appreciates G.E.R.M.’s mission to give to single parent households.

 Christine was able to live out her passion for volunteering during her time in Germany as a Military Spouse. She volunteered in the Army Family Readiness Group, Spouses and Civilian club, Red Cross as well as at her children’s schools. Serving as Senior Advisor, Welfare Chair and Board Member for various organizations. which earned her several ‘volunteer Awards Volunteering for these various entities involved cooking meals for Army families in need, taking in displaced children during unforeseen emergencies, and fundraising at all her daughters basketball games. 

 Christine relocated to Tampa, Florida in 2012 and decided to make it her new home. Here she continued her career as a Financial Services Professional with J.P. Morgan Chase, and now Citi Group with a total of 20 years of experience in Administration, Personal Finance and Corporate Financial Services. 

 As a minority and single mother with 3 children who went through the college and scholarship process, she is able relate to G.E.R.M.’s mission and is exited and motivated to serve the community and change lives.



Solomon Jackson
PR Specialist

Solomon Jackson is a Chicago, Illinois native. Growing up in the Southside of Chicago in a single parent home he learned how to be resilient firsthand. His upbringing fueled a passion in him to help those that are less fortunate. He is a testimony that you don’t have to settle for the situation’s life has given you. Working in sales and marketing throughout his life he uses his career and personal endeavors to promote positivity within the community helping those in need.

Solomon Jackson started Bliss Entertainment 10 years ago when he moved to Tampa, FL. He uses his promotions group to uplift the community through volunteering with focuses on feeding the homeless, back to school fundraisers, and assisting children that are underprivileged through different “party with a purpose” events.

He brings this same drive and passion into his career. Mr. Jackson is a valued member of the Tampa Honda Automotive Team where he devotes his time helping customers develop knowledge on motor vehicles to select the best vehicle for their lifestyle and finances. Mr. Jackson prides himself on treating every member like family and building a personal bond with them. He has been extremely successful in his career due to his love of people and the endless amount of time he takes with them. His commitment extends beyond the walls of Tampa Honda. He can often be seen with crew members volunteering time at The Ronald McDonald House preparing meals or working closely with Habitat for Humanity.

His dedication to his community and the youth has ignited a fire to help create a change for underprivileged minorities. Solomon’s vision for Giving Essential Resources to Minorities (G.E.R.M) is to see kids with limited resources be able to further their education.



David Everett II
Social Media Director

David Everett II received his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business Administration in 1993. David started his career as a management consultant for the MetLife Insurance Company. After two and a half years, David was recruited by the consulting practice of Ernst and Young, LLP. He attended Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI where he earned his Master of Science in Information Systems in 1998. 

In 1997, after leaving Ernst and Young, David began working in information technology for the Detroit Pistons and the Palace of Auburn Hills as a Senior Systems Analyst. After being acquired by the management company that owned the Detroit Pistons and Palace of Auburn Hills, David moved to Tampa to run technical operations for the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL franchise) and St. Pete Times Forum (now Amalie Arena). 

In 2004, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup and in its eleventh year of operation (2007), the Forum ranked as one of the top 5 venues in the United States, and in the world. In 2008, the TBL and the St. Pete Times Forum were acquired by OK Hockey. David left the TBL and St. Pete Times Forum in 2009 and joined BICSI, an association and technical education provider for information technology and telecommunications professionals. David oversaw the infrastructure for the organization’s headquarters in Tampa and for their two industry conferences in Las Vegas, NV as well as Orlando, FL. David left BICSI in 2012 and is now the Senior Director of Information Technology at ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering), a not for profit association and technical education provider for pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals. David oversees the infrastructure for the organization’s headquarters in North Bethesda, MD and the operations center in Tampa, FL. He also manages the IT Staff. 

David has volunteered with many organizations including being a past board member of Computer Mentors Group as well as a volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.